Bitcoin market crash – just another blog about bitcoin

We are a group of investors who are interested in stock market. We have been on stock markets a about 10 years.  When you spend this amount of time on stock market you start consider yourself not as someone who is very experienced but more as someone who definitively can speak about investing or speculating if you wish.

Past 4 years we were watching bitcoin market and a few other cryptocurrencies. Honestly, there is no strong opinion on investing in this instrument and we are little sceptic about bitcoin and cryptocurencies. On the other hand we do have part of our money in a few cryptocurrencies, but it is more for our education, testing and experiences. The purpose of this blog is to write our ideas, thinking and maybe go back after some time and re-think.

Even from the name of this blog is obvious that we think that it is maybe some light alternative of Apple shares and not a super rocket from where you can take incredible profit without paying that price by your risk.

We wish you luck with investing, believe or not luck is actually a big player when it comes to stock markets.

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